Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Took a little blogging break.

But I'm back for the attack. Well, attack is a strong word. Let's just say I'm back. It was a holiday weekend up here in Canada. Queen Victoria's birthday dontcha know. We did some fun thingys, went to my parents for a barbecue, went to the park, Jay and Sam went and saw Star Wars. Sam was sur de la lune when he got back from that.


I think he enjoyed the film. Last night we did firecrackers on our street. Sam and his buddies set up lawn chairs on the sidewalk and at every firecracker they inched forward just a bit until they were almost in the gutter. They were hilarious. Monty entertained a little lady friend. They sat on their little teeny lawn chairs and watched the show.

And HERE is where I would put the picture up that I took of them. But I can't cause I don't have the USB cable it is at my SIL's.

More later. I must attend to a stench wafting over from someone's cute little diapered rear end.



At 3:35 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Based on Sam's recommendation I think I must review the Star Wars phenom! Means I'll have to subject myself to all the other SW movies...hmmm not so much..Glad Sam had so much fun though! There is always so much pleasure in little peoples excitement for what would seemingly be, to some, just another "humdrum thingy that we gotta do"! It's fun to be a Mom most days isn't it!!!
Sounds like you had a great long weekend! Have a great week!

At 4:36 PM, Blogger KC said...

All of the sudden my three year old has developed this intense, almost scary, focus on Dar Bader (I mean Darth Vader). It's weird too, because I don't think we've ever sat down and watched the movies with him (I think he's a bit young, even for the 'first' three) Nonetheless, everywhere we go he has to look for Dar Bader stuff and then he SCREAMS if we don't get it. I finally relented and bought him a Darth Vader poster for his room and it has now replaced Tutter Bear as his most cherished possession. That means he's growing up, doesn't it?

At 12:15 PM, Blogger Random and Odd said...


Thanks for everything Amy!

At 9:45 PM, Blogger Mainline Mom said...

So cute. I can't wait till my kid can talk. Little kids that say "eh" are adorable!


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