Sunday, April 03, 2005


Well let me see. My inaugural drive in the van was a little (a lot) MAGNIFIED by the fact that my SIL called me not soon after that blog to take her and her baby (and, as it worked out, her daughter home from school and her boyfriend (to work)) for a drive to the doctors office in twenty five minutes from the call. SO. I learnt me to drive that van pretty quickly! EEp! It actually went very well, it is a very smooth ride and not so much like driving a bus like I thought it would be. There were a few faux pases, like every time I hit the turn signal I inadvertently pressed the windshield wiper cleaner button which happens to be on the side of the turn signal stick thingy. So there was a "OOOh!" every time I switched lanes.

But really, I am lovin the new van. Lovin the fact that I am not hunched over like Chunk from the goonies everytime I am carseating my kids in the car. Lovin the ROOM. Lovin the big windows, feel like I can see everything. And Lucy is thrilled to bits with her new view, before she thought going on a car ride meant that darn same old sky view with the occaisional tree. Now she sees it all, from her Ivory Windstar tower, and the "Waaooowwws!" are just 2 kyoote.

So for all of you who are all 'minivan equals soccer mom' and 'car means I am still cool and young' or 'SUV means I could still be the person I fantasized about being in high school', I say, FEH. Who cares? Do you honestly think anyone even notices what you personally are driving? Dontcha get it that anyone who worries about that sort of thing is so worried about whether anyone will notice that they haven't updated their jeans from Tommy low rise flares (SO 1999) to Seven For All Mankind with the pink "A" that they aren't looking at you any bloody way? I mean, honest to Pete. If you met someone and they were great, and then they said, 'let me bring my car around', are you seriously thinking, 'yes, let's do. because what you drive will mean the difference between whether we hang out again or whether I DROP you from my dance/mom's time out/grocery store chatting/starbucks feracoffee card.' Nah.

In the end, aren't we all just gettin from A to Be and glad we have forty bucks to fill the tank?

Moving on.

Jay and I went to see "Sin City" last night. Now, I knew nothing about this movie beforehand except for one preview that told me it had some big names in it and it looked kinda cool. And after seeing it, both of those things are still true. I think it was okay, kind of a dark-comic-strip-come-to-life film. Quentin T. guest directed it (whatever that means) and it had some neat parts like it was mostly black and white but they used colour once in a while. The dialogue was cool, very understated and forties film noir-ish.


Ha! I fell asleep! I was sort of snuggled under my coat, and the collar of my coat is kind of fun-furry, and my cheek was on that, and it made me feel all doughy and warm and 'I'm just going to blink for a little longer than usual'. So I missed about a half hour. Which really didnt matter because I wasn't sure what was happening BEFORE I fell asleep. My stupid restless legs were really bad (THANK YOU PEPSI COLA) so I was tensing them and holding them off the chair and rocking them from side to side, so I think I just wore myself out. What a dork. The girl beside me probably thought I had some sort of disorder with my restlessness and then disappearing under my coat for half an hour.

Jay liked the movie better than me. He's a guy, he is more into action/bodies flying/revenge with guns than I am. But get this. He fell asleep too! Only for a bout ten mins, but I saw it! He wasn't snuggled under his coat though. He did the guy thing, where you just look like your neck is having a little holiday from holding your head up. All the way home he was like, "I can't believe I fell asleep!" I was all, "That was FUN! We both fell asleep!"

Oh! I can almost hear the Generation X backlashing! "Twenty four hours after you get a MINIVAN you are both FALLING ASLEEP at the MOVIES!" No worries. I have been falling asleep during movies for years. That's what happens when you have a couple kids. You take your breaks when you can get em. I have fallen asleep to some really good movies. Amelie, The Bourne Supremacy, The Matrix 2 (can't remember if it is the revolution or the convolution or the evolution), to name a few. I could have fallen asleep at the bottom of Huntington park pool this afternoon. We took the kids and my MIL and the three little chances I got to roll around in the water withOUT a small person hanging off my neck I just floated to the bottom, it was so quiet down there.

Alright, wells I better go fold the multitudinous laundrificus now. Maybe put a few eating and cooking implements away.

Night night. Sleep tight.



At 2:24 AM, Blogger Tania said...

you know some of my best "mini" naps have been during really good movies and I think it almost says just that, I kindof lose myself in this little world and nod off for a bit to save in the dream bank..or
it is really bad and sleeping sounds like a better option the furry collar would do me in too! congrats on the new ride...oh and do you think people see me different when I pull the ol' calgary transit up.. I mean I have a driver!! ha ha

At 8:43 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey...wanna have a minivan drag race? I'll meet you tonight at midnight at the bottom of the Mount Albion hill. Unless I fall asleep. Then I'll just see you at Mom's group on Tuesday.


At 3:55 PM, Blogger JessicaRabbit said...

Ahh I really want to go see that movie, I have fallen asleep before, once at that last King Aurther movie and then again at a star wars flick. My kids gave me hell both times I tell ya.haha teenagers.


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