Wednesday, December 01, 2004

It's a good time, driving home after night class, when you have done a presentation that has been hanging over your head like a lead balloon all these many years.

So good. I did my group pres tonight and we did just fine. And I got my second essay back. B+! Not bad eh.

Now I just have the final exam, which I am not worried about, there is something about going to every class that gives the brain the information it needs at the final. I will study, of course, but he did give us the exam so I can hone in on what I need to know and ignore the rest.

I feel like I can finally get into the Christmas spirit! WE are so getting the Rubbermaid bins out of the cubby tomorrow. So putting up the tree and the lights and the window clings and the garlandosios. Joanne has the garland down the bannister with the white mini lights and it is divine. I am copying.

And then I need to make a trip to Costco to get oodles of baking good ingredients. Fudge puddles here I come.

And I want to see Bridget Jones 2.

And I need to do the other half of my Christmas shopping.

And, as always, get this cesspool of a house cleaned up. I am seriously thinking of calling in the Magic Wisk ladies to come and go to town. I am so tired of half cleaning everything.

And, well, I am so tired. This pres has had me up late and I don't think I ate dinner! No wonder I have a headache. Gotta go, I think there's a coupla cabbage rolls in the fridge with Amy on em.

Bon Nuit.



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