Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Long time no bloggy.

What day is it? Oh yeah. Wed. Today is flu shot day for me and the kids. We are going to Shoppers Drug Mart for our flu shots! My doc does them but with no appointments, just come as you are and wait two hours. Doesnt sound like my idea of a good time, stuck in a waiting room trying to occupy three kids for two hours. Blech. So we have an appointment at Sh. for three thirty lickety split poke poke poke heres your hat whatsyer hurry.

Terrible TErrible about that fire yesterday in West Lincoln. I don't even know what to think or say except "Why?" It makes me feel sick to think about all those kids.

If my kids all had to die at the same time, I would probably (if given a choice in the moment) want to die too. I remember Jay telling me about these two boys in his high school, Chris and Ken, who were brothers and were killed trying to drive over railroad tracks before a train came. They were 17 and 18, I think. And he went to the funeral and their mother was just devastated and kept trying to throw herself into their graves. He said it was awful. At the time (we were 17 ourselves) I thought it was crazy. Now I understand it.

Well, time to get everyone ready and out the door. And today, the sarcasm has been smacked out of me for once when I say,
Lucky me.



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