Monday, November 22, 2004

Just another Manic Monday.

Sammy got his orange belt in karate! He did his kata really well, and all the other moves too. Proud of him. My own little Daniel-son.

We had a decent weekend. Hit a couple of bazaars on Saturday, which were not bad. They didnt have penny sales though. I live for penny sales! I love ripping my tickets and standing in great contemplation over which buckets to put them in. I used to put them in the prizes that I thought noone else would want, so my chances of winning were better. This was dumb. Because, yeah, I won a few things-- like a car shammy, the soundtrack from The Prince of Egypt, and a cheesy cutting board with fake grapes stuck to it-- but these arent things that I wanted to win. So now I am wiser, and bank on a few choice things with a lot of tickets. Last year I won an oil change and tune up for my car. (Geez, aim you are really spelling it out for em. I hope you would assume an oil change/tune up was for my car and not for like, my mother in law.)

Wait. Maybe that's what she needs...

Any HOO. It is november 22. Do you know where your Christmas decs are? I do, waiting for me in the cubby. Can't wait to get em out and put em up and plug em in. I want to paint a christmas scene on my front window. I was thinking I would take some images from Caillou's Merry Christmas book and use those. They seem nice and simple. And something about Caillous big bald head makes me happy.

Well, time to get to the dinner dishes. And all the other nineteen million things there are to do around here in the evening when I really should be sitting on my arse in front of the tv.



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