Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Is it almost Thursday already.

Man, I feel like a binge drinker sometimes. Except the drink is just busyness. I lose days here and there to it, wake up in a stupor and think, what the hell? Wasn't it just the beginning of the week a few hours ago?

Just got back from class. Geez Leweez you would think the guy would give us a break once in a while and let us out at say, 9:45. I am so no good for anything after nine thirty anyway, the last half hour I am just on note-taking autopilot. But it was a good class. I am always glad I managed to pull the children off my body and get there.

I have a group presentation next week. Should be alright. Presentations don't faze me none since I have been doing the stand up comedy thing for so long. I mean, nothing could be worse than having a set totally bomb. One time a few years ago I had this whole joke worked out that I thought would go over great. I can't remember much of it but it had something to do with pendants, (for the guys, those are the things on the ends of necklaces) and how you could get different ones made according to what you were doing that day. Like if you were going out to the bar and you wanted to hook up you would have a pendant that said, "Buy me a drink and let's talk about it." Or if you were going to your in-laws who constantly bugged you you would wear one that said, "No I haven't caught myself a nice boyfriend yet, Thanks."

I know. Even writing it after all this time, I can see it aint that funny.

But at the time I thought it might be. So I went up there at Yuk Yuk's in Hamilton and laid it on em and you could have heard someone grating soft cheese it was so quiet. The horror. The humiliation. I don't even think I had a clever retort for the non-laughter. I just stood there, shrugged and did an old joke to try to recover. But they were done with me. Basically it was just get off the stage.


So presentations don't scare me. But I am looking forward to having it done. Then it is just the final exam and voila, one half credit down, one to go.

Geez it's eleven o clock. I had big plans for myself tonight. Guess I will just forget em and go down to the kitch and make myself a nice peanut butter and honey on toast. Then I will have a nice carb-induced sleep. I tell ya, its better than Gravol.




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