Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Oh havent I been a little neglectful blogger. Ah well, it gets like that around here, when you have a big essay due plus eye doctor appointments plus a house to clean plus three kids who do nothing but undo the cleaning plus ebay listing and then ebay packing and then ebay mailing plus book group plus Christmas shopping plus humour gigging plus cooking meals plus plus plus.

Class was pretty good tonight, about tatooing and body modification and plastic surgery and stuff. I would say something moderately intelligent but I got nada. It's all kind of a blur after ten thirty. Lets just sidle back to the mundane, shall we.

I did make date squares this morning and they turned out real good.

I am halfway done my Christmas shopping.

I need to get this frigging house cleaned up.

I am tired. Stayed up way late sunday and monday writing my paper. And today I felt like i was on spin cycle all day. Lucy WALKED today. She has been standing on her own and taking the odd step or two then she hits the ground on knees and hands and does her komodo dragon all over the place. But today she just walked across the living room! A little like a drunken sailor but what a sight to behold. She did it three times, taking six or seven steps, then she got tired but instead of crawling she put her hands down on the floor, then kept her legs straight with her little butt up in the air and walked on all fours for a while, it was hilarious.

So my lady luck is getting to be a big girl. Time for another one. HAH.

This Saturday I want to hit some bazaars. Love the bazaars for that hokey Christmas-kitsch and penny sales and smiley old ladies smoothing out knitted hats and things on the tables before them.

I think I have the most Christmas music of anyone i know. I have bought no less than five new cd's via ebay this year alone. Loving the Nettwerk Christmas album. If any of my peeps want a cd of my choice xmas pics let me know and I will burn you one. Just put a comment on here. If any of my long distance loveys want one I will mail one to you. Far be it for me to deprive AnYONE of good Christmas music. Ya just gotta have it.

Alright well. There is the kitchen to tidy and one basket of laundry to fold (again, thanks lucy) and I promised myself I would list five ebays tonight. So I better go.




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