Friday, November 19, 2004


Reading the paper today I came across stories of two people who I would not hesitate to admire.
First, Adam Armstrong Price.

This guy, from Stoney Creek, the father of newborn baby twins, is right now in the hospital fighting leukemia with everything he's got. He has a blog of his own and I implore you to read it. Be prepared, if you are the type to whine about a hangnail, to feel very small in the face of this guy's courage and strength and zero self pity. And if you are worth your salt, you will be inspired (as I was) to tone down the whine and shake off a bit of the pity.

The other one is Pat Wallace. She died November 7 of cancer. She was a Hamilton judge who made a trip to Haiti with her daughter and came back determined to help the people there. Even AFTER she was diagnosed with cancer, she kept on with fundraising and getting Childbirth kits together to send there, and putting up a website ( which will continue to do good long after she is gone.


I get caught up in the roundabout of daily annoyances like everyone else. But stuff like this knocks me off, even for a little while, and this is such a good thing. Kids are fighting. Wah. House is messy. Wah. Too much to do. Wah.

It's so important to just get over myself. Ain't it the truth.

Heroes. Alive and well in the Hammer.

Good on 'em.



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