Monday, September 27, 2004


Monday monday. I am off to my friend Rhonda's this morning. I have a little mom group that has been meeting for about four years. There are four of us moms and we each have three kids, so in the last little while it has gotten kinda hairy. It's just a lotta kids. But now with one of us gone to Phoenix Arizona and lots of the older kids in school, things are a little better. We can actually have a tea and a bit of a talk instead of refereeing for two hours.

Decent weekend. Did no work on the bathroom, of course. I think Jay and I are pretending it's all done. It's so Not all done. But the boys birthday party is coming up on 23 October, so with a deadline we shall prevail over things. Saturday I had a nice me and Lucy day, as Jay took the boys to Canada's Wonderland. Didn't we have fun. Went to Mac to get my course book, and wasn't it just the most gorgeous fall day. I got a tea and a bagel to split with her, and we walked around the beautiful campus, which was mostly deserted. We both felt so smart and cultured! Meandering among the aged halls of learning, the smoky scent of dried leaves in the air.
Then we went to Jola's and hung out for a bit, then home to read my book and chill on the couch. Ahh. It is such a rare and notable thing in my life to have chill time during the day. I am good for a month, now.

Sunday I did my Shirley Valentine drama at church, which went pretty well. I remembered all my thousands of lines and didn't trip over any of the instruments on the stage. Good time.

oops its ten after nine and I am supposed to be on my way to Rhonda's. I better go. Promise to write more later.


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