Thursday, September 30, 2004

Hidey Ho

Ahh a little reprieve. Got monty down at 7:20 tonight. He still isnt quite sleeping, but he is quiet and that's all that matters. It was either put him in his room or lock him in the car by that point. He has to get used to the school routine. He is dog tired after school and freaks out every ten minutes over nada until bedtime. It's fun.

You should see my bed it's gorgeous. I finally got Jay and I a big ole comforter set from Costco and I could just dive on it every time I walk by. I just need a few scrumptious fancy pillows to complete the 'look' and I am changing my bedside tables from the hand me down ones I got off Cari's dad to those round ones with the tablecloth over. I know, it must be a thrill and a half for youse to read about these exciting plans. It gives me a mental break to think about these things instead of the big stuff all the time.

Big stuff being....
Essay due Oct 13 for counterculture class.
Now, I have gone to three CC classes and I have to admit, I have heard some interesting things but I still don't get it. The reading he has us doing is a bit high brow, a bit anti-vernacular, a bit JE. NE. SAIS. QUOIS. So I read these articles and I get that math feeling. You know the math feeling, when you sit in class and the teacher says this plus this equals this and it's all tickety-boo, then you go home and there are these problems and equations and you are like, huh? Then you go to school the next day without your work done and the teach explains it all again and you go OOOHHWWW! I get it!
And then it happens again. And again. And again until the end of the year when your teacher calls you up to the front of the classroom to show you your mark in his book and points to your name, then the grade 50, and says, "Gift."
Sorry I went off a bit there. Just a little grade 12 post trauma moment.
But really. I read and read and I know there are kernels in there that might make some sense to me but I am no gleaner. I need The Complete Idiot's Guide to CounterCulture. I need White Panther Party principles for Dummies.

So whatcha gonna do? I have to write an essay on a building at Mac. My choice what building. And then talk about Frank Lloyd Wright's version of what Archetecture (can't even spell it, boys oh boys) means compared to some other guys definition of archete-you know what I mean.

Hopefully the dear prof Marc Ouellette (who is actually worth his weight in refused electoral ballots, really. A good instructor.) will shed some dawnzer lee light on the subject this coming Wednesday. Until then I will be brushing up on the basics.

I took Lady Luck to the Sutherland Modelling Agency in Toronto, just to go to their information session and see if it is something I would be into doing, getting the angel baby into catalogues or whatever. It is a big commitment if you are really going to do it, so I am still deciding. It was a fun trip, Tracy and Me and Luce at this fancy nancy agency, models walking around and everything.

This Sunday I get to do my first Sunday School class with Sandy. Looking forward to this, hanging out with the 2's and 3's and telling them stories and singing songs and of course going a little looly.

Tomorrow night is book group. We are doing The Lovely Bones. I adored this book. I am going to lead the discussion so I better go early and brush up. It's been a while since I finished it.

Ahhh, well, I promised myself I would do a coupla loads of laun before Without a Trace so I better mosey. Y'all have a fantastico Friday.

Peace Out.

ps. I loved when our prof played Gil Scott-Heron's "Whitey's On the Moon. Check out the lyrics when you get a chance. Even better, find an mp3 of it and live it, man. Great Poem.


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