Thursday, September 23, 2004

Oh my my, CSI NY is going to be de-lovely.

I sped all the way home last night, only missed the first fifteen minutes. Of course the door Guardian was on the front door and my key only let me half in so I am banging on the window of the rec room like some junkie while Jay is listening to his headphones at the computer. Good thing Bruno wasn't out or I would have had to have been very rude to him and not talked about the weather for ten minutes.

It's going to be a good one. How could it be any less with GS. They scored mucho points right off the bat with that one. He was great. The ending when he was leaning into the fence with both hands clutching the boundary of Ground Zero almost killed me. And the beach ball! Don't even start. My fall evenings are settling into place very nicely. Monday CSI Miami Tuesday not sure, I may go back to 24 if I can keep up with the plot. Wed will be the CSI NY 45 minute special. Thurs I think I will devote to Without A Trace as I am really enjoying it and ER has lost a lot of it's sparkle for me. So that is my four hours of ME time per week all tucked away.

Congratulations to Brian and Christine for having their little early arrival Aaron Jacob. Thinking about them and hoping the post partum period goes relatively smoothly.

My class was good last night. The prof covered a whack of concepts, some of which I am still trying to scrape up and put back into the bowl of my brain. He covered a lot of the writer Margaret Visser and her ideas about Fate. I need to look her up. He talked about our heroes and how sports stars are glorified by everybody because they are good at their sport and how when they do things that you or I would lose everything over, like assaulting people or shooting people, they are hardly made accountable, "They are only human, they made a mistake" we say.

I talked for a little bit to the little bitty thing beside me. I think it is important to have one friend in class so you can commiserate together about things. Strapless was looking good again. She had on an off the shoulder top with those jeans that look like they are going to fall of your bum any second. I am sure the fellas were hoping that would happen. But it didn't. You could see that she had quite the tatoo on her lower back though, so there was still entertainment.

Ponchos are really in right now. Weird. All I remember from ponchos is that I had a really ugly one that was (can you imagine why, I can't) YELLOW and BROWN. And I used to suck on the tie thing at the neck like it was my hobby. Eeuw. I can still feel that wet polyester wool texture right now.

OH! It was Monty's first day of school today! Sorry I took so long to remember that, it was only about two hours ago that I dropped him off! He did okay, kind of fell apart at the last second but didn't want to look like a baby so he broke away from me and lucy and ran to the lineup, then held an arm out to me with these EYES. Then Miss Radan said, "Let's go, guys!" and they all filed in, and I could feel his little heart empty out as he walked to the door. He put his fists to his eyes and started bawling. She just nudged him in and I stood there feeling like Nurse Ratchett, letting my little lamb go to the slaughter. I watched through the window though, hidden in a corner so he couldn't see me, and he wasn't crying anymore once he hung up his knapsack, so he was fine.



Poor kid. Well, in fifteen minutes I will see him again, eh?

I better go. I meant to do all these productive things with my two and a half hours and all I have done is sit here on the computer and fart around. Kind of nice, actually, to be able to surf and blog without anyone being murdered downstairs. It takes away from the enjoyment you can get out of your computer when people are screaming and dismantling your house.




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