Friday, October 08, 2004

Here is a better picture of Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater (built in 1936).

You can see that it is built right over a waterfall. There is a staircase inside the house that leads right down to it. Inside the house, the forest surrounding it is visible from every room. Pretty cool. I guess he thought that buildings should not be static, boxlike enclosures but dynamic structures, with open, flowing interior spaces. Fits in with the idea that people should not let themselves get stuck in society and accept their fate but should question things and work to change them if needed. Hmm.

Now all I have to do is somehow relate this to Divinity College at McMaster. I am going to go and take a bunch of pictures of the building tomorrow. Lucy wants to come with me.

Other than this I have a nice head cold starting up. Had a lovely night with Monty waking up a few times and Lucy having some sort of late night meltdown because she's all stuffy. And my nose and throat keeping me wide awake. It was neat. I was searching for apple cider vinegar at four am because I remembered Sandy telling me that it changes the ph of your throat and makes it feel better. All I had was white vinegar. My friends, take it from me. It doesnt make anything feel better. If you want to give yourself heartburn for fun then a tablespoon does nicely. Or if you just feel like life is getting dull then take a gulp of white vinegar. It rocks your world.

Alright well enough me time. Hey! It's Friday!



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