Tuesday, October 05, 2004

It's fall.

And I bought a bag of those shellacked gourds for my kitchen island. But I haven't seen them for a week because they are buried under all the junk that seems to collect there. Is it just me or is life today all about the paperwork? You would think with every home having 1.3 pc's in it that we could evolve into a paperless (or just less-papered) society. But here come the flyers! The letters from school! The bank statements! The newspaper! The bits of 'art' created by my darling children that I have to hang onto for at least a day before I bury them in the garbage! The pay stubs! Why do I feel the need to keep all of Jay's pay stubs? He gets paid every week, and I NEVER NOT ONCE have referred back to any of these stubs, yet I keep them! Do I need proof that he has a job? What's the dealio?

And the junky bits. The pennies and marker tops and bread clips and elastic bands and little red plastic peanut butter spreaders from the Handi-Snacks. The extra garage key and the lego hat for anakin skywalker and the Halloween flyer from Party City that Monty wants to look at every five minutes.

I could just sweep it all into a garbage bag and be done with it. Why don't I?

I don't know. You tell me.

I cut out coupons that I NEVER USE. I save bulletins from the paper that I NEVER READ. I keep the extra heart sticker from Fortinos in case anyone around here needs a heart sticker! What?

I am overwhelmed. And half crazy. I am going to go clean that island if it kills me.

Wish me LUCK.



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