Friday, September 17, 2004

Been on the computer so little lately.... Just to check email and my homies blogs, and of course I am always watching something on ebay.
The bathroom is at a standstill because with me having night class and then Jay having night class we are not doing much of the big stuff. We haven't had a toilet since Monday night. We just troop downstairs to Oma's bathroom all day long.
But tonight, my friends, tonight is the night of the baseboards and water closet.
Of course, I make more work than neccessary with my big ideas about ripping out the old square silver toothbrush holder and soap dish thingys that are set in the wall. I must have ripped out four feet of drywall when I yanked on those babies. I guess there is a proper way to do these things, not with a paring knife and a screwdriver like lil ole me.

My course looks interesting, if a little confounding. It is Modern Counterculture. So we are covering everything from modernism/post modernism to the Black Panthers to skateboarding and tatoos, plus a whole lot of other stuff. I hope I can get my head around it all. It was a little hard to concentrate on Wednesday because it took so much for me to get there, I just wanted to veg out mentally. And the very tanned girl (I swear she was nineteen) in front of me was wearing a STRAPLESS top. When did gals start dressing like they are clubbing in a night school class? It was very distracting. And I am a girl! I feel sorry for the young fellas if they have to try to focus on what the prof is saying with Beyonce Knowles and her bralessness in the room!

My other pet proj this week has been my headboard. It is a pine one that I got about four years ago at a closing out sale for ten bucks. I have kept it in storage since then, but this week I finally finally pulled it out and painted it and antiqued it like I had always planned to do. Here is the before picture:

And now here is what it looks like:

Turned out pretty nice and looks great in my CLEAN bedroom. Six Amity bags later I can say this. Ahhhh.

Still have to get that tax bill off the wall, though.

Well, my friend Lisa is supposed to be coming over to help me fix my drywall craters so I better go.
Good day, all.


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