Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Thinking about....

Where is my Ted Hawkins CD that I won on ebay oh about three weeks ago.

My new writing project which has evolved from a book to a........

What shows I want to commit my delectable evenings to this fall.

My Counterculture course starting next Wednesday night.

Why it was so cold out today. And yet, so clammy/humid/gross too.

The fact that Lucy cut her first molar! I felt in her mouth tonight and there it is, three little white points like candy corn sticking out! How did I miss this? And isn't she just the most darling angel baby who cuts a big tooth and you don't even know?

9/11 anniversary. Man. Three years already. Where were you when it happened? I was driving to Oshweken to visit a friend and listening to the radio and thinking this is it. The beginning of the end of everything. And feeling panicky, until I saw people still lining up in their cars at Horton's. I thought, well, if people are still getting coffee then things can't be that bad. But they kind of were, weren't they?

Sam starting grade FOUR. Mia maxima heart palpitationa. Grade four is like, well, a big kid. Freaks me out.

Tonight I may go and see Vanity Fair at the Westdale Th. Look forward to a review, maybe.

okay dinner dishes to do and some sweet talkin to hubby about me getting out to the show.




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