Thursday, August 19, 2004

Three days from now I will be sitting down to dinner with Jay and the kids at the Delawana Resort. Two days from now I will be at Jay's work barbecue. One day from now I will be in the pool at Valley Park, having a family swim. Right now, oh forget right now it is not half as pleasant as the first three. It's called trying to get Monty to eat his shepard's pie.

I tried to dye my hair blonde today and it didnt really work out. It is a glowing light pumpkin color and I look like a raver or something. Monty said, "Mommy?"
"Yeah buddy?"
"Are you still Mommy?"
"Yes Monty, I am."
"You're Amy, right?"
"Yep. I am Amy."

So I am freaking my kid out as well as myself. I am going to Shoppers to buy some dye later and get it looking a little more normal. Word to the Wise. If you want to go light blonde you can't get impatient and rinse out the dye before it is done doing what it's supposed to do.

Also, dark eyebrows look really wierd with squash colored hair unless you are trying to do a Trainspotting look.

Any HOO. I better go make sure the masses arent wearing supper. Daddy working late tonight.



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