Monday, September 06, 2004

Fun Fun wedding on Saturday night. It was a great night, nice hall and people and an absolutely fantastic band, who played everything from Outkast to the Jackson Five to Stevie Wonder. So the dancing was non stop. We even made up moves. Here is a picture of the bride and groom with moi.

Really, I put it up there just to show off the great dress I got at Le Chateau for 20 bucks. If any of my boos want to borrow, you just let me know.

Lazy Labour day today. I am going to chill and try not to let Sam and Monty bug me too much with their arguing about who gets the better Hot Wheels. And I tink we are going for a bike ride this aft. Can't beleive it is the last day of summer vacation. Wow. That reminds me I meant to get Sam's hair cut. Shite. Ah well, daddyo can go after him with the clippers I guess.

I did go to Home Depot for like three hours yesterday with Lucy. It was heaven. Got a vanilla bean latte for me and an oatmeal cookie for her and just meandered through the bathroom section. Fun. The Forderer home improvement comittee is in talks about what we can afford to do. So far it looks like negotiations are complete for a new toilet and flooring. Kind of has to be done. The jury is still out on a new countertop and sink. Forget the vanity part. and the bathtub stays. I am just going to get a shower curtain that goes down to the floor so that no harvest gold peeks out to bother people.

The menu for this week is as follows.
Tues Turkey Caesar Wraps
Wed Curried Beef on Rice
Thurs Italian Pork Chops and Pasta
Fri Crock Pot Moroccan Chicken and Veggies (if Sandy lets me borrow her crock pot, that is.)

It is the calm before the storm today.
Tomorrow Sammy starts school. Grocery day. And I have to go to Mac to drop off my tuition cheque. Wed my book group in morning. Wed aft we go to the Preschool to try to get Monty in. Wed night Jay golfs so I am ON till 9pm. Thurs I start class in the morning. Thurs aft Monty goes for his first meet the teach at school. Thurs 430 Sam starts piano again with Angie. Thurs night Karate for sam, and Jay starts night school at Mohawk. Fri doesnt look too bad yet. Sat evening Jay and I have music team rehearsal, and sat night is the Conqueror II reunion thingy. Sun is Welcome Back day at church, we are on, and then there is a barbecue thingy and from there we go to my niece Madelyn's first birthday party at 1pm.

I am probably forgetting three or four other things. I figure if I write them here as well as on my calendar I won't forget to show up for any of them.

alright well I am off to put on my flylady shoes and put some laundry away.




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