Saturday, September 04, 2004

Yesterday I took Sam, his buddy Lucas, Monty, and Lucy to the Smithville Fair. We had a good time. Got a bit sucked into the midway for the first part, but then we went into the arena where there were all these neat displays and a magic show that Sam and Luke loved and this huge sand table with farm toys that Monty could have played at for hours. They also had a penny sale which I am a complete sucker for. Can't wait for all the Christmas bazaars to start, all those lovely baked goods and penny sales and Christmas decorations! I wish my church had a big ole bazaar.

Shoppers has school backpacks on for like 75% off. So if you haven't gotten around to this yet it would be a good place to get one. Last night I rode my bike over to return movies and stopped in to Shoppers. LOVE a late night all by myself Shoppers browse. I got a knapsack for Sammy and Monty each. But they were a tad awkward to carry home on the bike, the looong Shoppers bag kept hitting the front tire and bouncing off. I am not the most astute person on a bike you ever met. So this threw off my balance. Twice I almost swerved into traffic, which, thankfully, was light.

I am scooting out today to try to find something to WEAR to this wedding tonight.

I have this little obsession right now that I want to redo our bathroom. I can't get it out of my head how good it would look. Especially since our fixtures were put in with the house in 1971 and the toilet is a, pardon the expression, piece of crap. And the color of these fixtures is that 'harvest gold' which to me looks like the color of the juice that comes out of the garbage bag when it is left on the kitchen floor. I have this vision, inspired by the spa bathroom at the Delawana Resort, of pecan stained wood vanity with dark green ceramic tile floor and white fixtures, big soft globe lights, and a REAL window treatment and not the $2.99 blind I got from Wal Mart. Ahhhhh let's all just take a minute and think about how nice my bathroom could look.

Now. To find the money for all this! Hmm. I could do a fundraiser. People could each give me $2 bucks to read a book or walk a few blocks? Or how's about a bake sale out of the trunk of my car? No? I could not pay my house taxes for a year or so, and then use that money! Or sell something. What could I sell around here? Anybody innerested in a circular saw? Jay bought one a few years ago and doesnt seem to use it much. Or maybe it is a miter saw, not sure.

Well, that's enough nonsense for a morning. I better get Lucy the angel baby out of her crib and feed her something.

Wish me luck finding a dress for the wedding. That is in oh about eight hours. Yikes~!



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