Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Where the hell did the blog go that i posted last night? Did I forget to publish it? AARRGGHH.

It wasn't going to change the world or anything, but I did invest a whole ten minutes writing about my weekend and how excited i was about the season premiere of CSI Miami and the finale of Amazing Race tonight.

I very much enjoyed CSI last night, while simultaneously being devastated by the death of SPEED! No! Why him? He was great, with his downcast eyes and his low keyness, such a welcome break from the phony perky people of tv (and the world, come to think of it). If we had to lose someone, why couldnt it be Rodriguez. He is the least interesting person on the show. Not speedo! That was just mean of Jerry Bruckheimer to write him off. Maybe they will have a CSI AL. Not Alabama but AfterLife, where we watch Speed head up his own otherworldly team of investigators and break open cold cases on earth in supernatural ways and make underdog investigators get promotions.

Alright well I started this blog like two hours ago and now it is the before dinner time when my head feels like it is in a vice that is being squeezed slowly and merrily by my three children.

So. Maybe I shall see you after the Amazing Race. Tracy and I are having Artichoke Dip with Tortillas, Apple Crisp and chilled Harrow Estates Reisling 2002.



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