Thursday, June 17, 2004

Got soaked getting the kidlets into the car this morning. Left the stroller out last night in the yard so it has soaked up about 30 litres of water so far. But my flowers are getting watered without any effort from me! And our poor grass which looks like crap because the nine boys that play at our house have destroyed parts of it by throwing each other down in wrestling contests is getting a much needed drink.

Walked over to Sandys with the kids for a swim and some supper last night. It was great. The boys had a blast in the pool that the Bigases got at Wal Mart for a hundred bucks. It is so wierd, that Sandy lives about a fifteen minute walk away from me, so cool that as kids we walked over to each other's houses to play (going back to 1978 here) and now we walk our own kids over with us to each other's houses, so they can play.

I gotta register for my final course at McMaster in Sept. For some reason May and June have kind of sidled by me without me really noticing them.

Watched "Last Comic Standing" last night. Great show. It is a reality show where the contestants actually deserve to get what they get. I mean, some of those comics have been doing it for thirty years. Lots of talent. They are down to ten comics who are going to live together in a house and perform constantly at nightclub venues to compete until there is only one comic left. If I had to guess who the last three comics standing will be right now, i would say Jay London, Gary Gulman, and Tammy Pescatelli. But thats just if i had to guess. I did not like Bonnie McFarland at all and I found Todd Glass only so/so.

Alright well I promised myself i would clean from 1 to 3 today and it's five to so i better fly. Later.


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