Sunday, June 27, 2004

Heya, it's feast or famine here in blogville. Right now feast on this second blog in the same day!
Geez, now I better come up with something profound to say I guess, huh?

Nope. Nuthin' comin'.

Just got back from a walk to the video store with the kiddies. I feel a bit like the Canada Day parade on Greenhill, with pushing the big double stroller with Monty in the front in his Canada flag shirt, waving a popsicle stick in the air, and Sam like a shriner on his bike weaving back and forth in front of us. All we need is an upside down clown and maybe a big trailing flag hanging off the back of the stroller and people would be setting out lawn chairs. "C'mon Harold, get out here I just made you a drink, she's coming down the street right now!"

I rented myself "Seven". It is a movie that I only ever saw half of so many years ago when it was the talk of the town, and I have been meaning to finish it someday. It kind of jumped out at me in Steel City Video. So I have a can of DC and some Tostitos and salsa and it is going to be a really good time.

The other thing I have been obsessed with these days is DECLUTTERING my house. I am hooked on the emails and I have been flinging like mad. I have taken no less than NINE garbage bags to the Good will this week. My living room is gorgeous. The toys in there are down to two straw baskets, neatly placed under the windowsill. I have tossed a ton of clothes that don't fit don't look good don't know what possessed me to buy them in the first place. Can someone tell me why I needed four long denim skirts?
I am really excited to get things organized around here. My goal is to have some sort of system in place by the fall that means I can whip this place into shape when i need to without having to get professional help or taking three weeks to do it. I know some of you reading this are probably snoring right now, who on earth wants to read about someone cleaning their house?

Any HOO. I better go and crack open my red and white delight and get my big white butt into that platform rocker so I can enjoy my movie and not fall asleep.

Happy Sunday.


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