Sunday, June 27, 2004

Too long since my last post! What a lazy little blogger am I. I kept sitting down to blog and then deciding I had nothing to say yet. Dorky. Because that is how I used to journal, and then I would have these gorgeous hard cover journals with Anne Geddes babies or Flower Fairies on the front and maybe two or three pages of writing inside to cover a year or two of my life. I gotta get back in le saddle de blogge. This is why I write right now, even though I should totally get ready for churchola. Who's gonna notice if I don't have a shower anyways?
Been busy round here. Some virus had it's way with the Forderer's, starting with Lucy then Daddy then Monty then Sam. I must be either last or not getting it, which is very very good because who's gonna take care of mama when mama s'posed to take care of you? So it's been hijinks with high fevers and body aches and Monty barfing into a bowl in the car and me like Miss Clavel in Madeline, up and down the stairs at night holding the junior strength Tylenol out like a beacon in front of me.

Friday my mom and I had a gig, so I had to spend my precious computer time preparing for that. It went really well, though. It was our first outdoor gig and long at an hour and a half. They were a great group, the Haldimand Child & Youth workers, who even though I am sure get totally burnt out everyday by their jobs, were good sports and up for anything me and Adrienne asked of them. Fun.

I have been riding my bike often which is good, even if it is just to the video store at night to return the dvds it is something. And speaking of videos. Two Words. Mystic River.
What a film.
1. Star studded cast. It was all the actors who I feel like I know, who seem to reach beyond the film itself and not just act their parts but spend time with us. Kevin Bacon, Tim Robbins (first time I have ever seen that boyish face of his look scary), and Sean Penn.
2. Sean Penn just exudes a father's grief in this movie. It is painful to watch his face contort and twist with emotion.
3. Love the stark outlines of this town and the gritty feel to the film quality. It is at once like an old seventies mystery and a slick modern film noir.
4. Great story that kept Jay and I EWO'd (eyes wide opened) for the entire two hours and ten minutes. No nodding off for me.
5. Marcia Gay Harden was also amazing. So sad though, how she stumbles around the town trying to figure out what to do, and then when she does do something it turns out to be the wrong thing, and then she is reeling, and has to live with her 'mistake' and without her Dave.
6. This movie is so much about the characters, because all I want to write about is each one. After it's over you sit there and wonder about them.
7. Yikes! It's 8:33 I gotta go.


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