Monday, June 28, 2004

A few stolen minutes...

Before papa gets home, before dinner is served, before bath time and bed time and going out to VOTE time. Before bike riding, before calling Sam in, before getting Lady Luck out of her crib where the angel baby patiently waits for me to blog, sucking her two fingers and humming to fairies. Before I mail off the ebe's, before I take TWO MORE garbage bags to the Amity, before listing a few more items tonight, before watching my beloved CSI Miami rerun at 10pm.

As in, before the evening's to do list.

This is my favorite time of day for sunlight. Since I was a kid and this was the time my parents would be on the couch, reading the paper with our dog Sandy sleeping in between the couch and the coffee table, the sun like warm evening gold settling across the room. When I lived in Nova Scotia this would be the time Jay and i would be driving along Borgald's Point Road, or the number 3 Lighthouse Route Hwy, I mean you were driving right along the basin, with the sun dappled gold where the wind lifted the water, like an impressionist painting. This is when the late afternoon sits down and reminisces for a bit before toddling off to bed.

I better toddle myself. I smell something burning.


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