Thursday, April 01, 2004

Yay! I finally after mucho triestos figured out how to make the picture smaller! I chose a groovy family picture circa 1975. I am the dark haired (baa baa!) one in the left corner, with the menswear look to my duds. The stoned lookin groove maestro is my dad, age 31 with four kids under 7 (Yowsers.). My mom is the luscious lady in the centre. My big sister jen, (who was probably already memorizing Beatles songs by then), is the one in the white shirt, My bro Charlie is the long haired six year old hippie on the end, and the angelic looking baby (well, when you are the baby of the family, three years old is still a baby!) Siobbhan (Bib) in front. Ain't it just outta sight?

Gotta go, karate night plus shipping ebe's and its FISH and CHIP special night at Connaught Fish and Chips where you get Fish, Chicken AND chips for $2.90! WHoopeee!


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