Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Rainbow Brite went for 34 bucks US. Not bad, considering I paid 3 Cdn. There was one last week that went for $66, which woulda been great, but oh well. I got the gameboy up, which is already at $26, I hope to see it go to 50 maybe.

I love watching my auctions. It is such a rush watching them creep up in price. In November we found an old OZZY t-shirt of Jay's from high school. He didnt want it anymore (the thing was discolored and kinda funky) so we put it up. It was going for about 20 bucks right until the last five minutes of the auction. Everytime I refreshed the page it went up another five bucks. It ended at $72 US. Unbelievable. Then this guy emails me right away,

"Please. I am ultimate super rocker Ozzy fan. I try to win the auction hard, but my connection slow because I live in #@!*ing Poland. Please. I will offer to pay you for this shirt all I have, which is $180 US dollars. Please reply to me and not the other."

Yikes. He lost the auction to a real nice fella in England who was buying the shirt for his son. I guess I could have told the winner the shirt was mangled by a dog or something and then sold it to the Polish nutjob but that would have been, well, wrong. And I think if he is willing to pay $180 for a t shirt, he has more pressing psychological issues to deal with, and me selling him the shirt would probably not help.

That's what I like about ebay. It's a ride, man.

Okay so it is Tuesday and again I have my Joy group tomorrow night. I have been avoiding working on it because I dread facing the grim reaper lady who bummed me out so last time. I keep coming up with smart remarks to shoot at her if she bugs me again, but I know I have to keep my cool. I want to talk about moments of real joy. You know, those moments when you feel totally great, part of a bigger picture, when things just click?
I have several examples. When I finally (finally is right!) got my driver's license at 29, after failing the test 5 times, (three in the preceding year alone!). I pulled into the parking lot and the darling tester lady said, "Well done, Amy, you passed." Man! I was standing in the line to get my pic done, just hovering like three inches off the ground. I kept breaking into a goofy smile and then someone would give me the 'leave THAT one alone she's crazy' sideways glance, so I would stop smiling, then I would have to smile again, so I pretended to know the workers behind the desk and be smiling at them. I kept letting people go ahead of me, which of course is UNHEARD of at the Ministry of Trans. but I wanted to make the feeling last longer. It was a totally great five minutes.

So I want to get some feedback from the group, ask if they have had any of those moments. But the dragon lady will probably spit on me. So I have to think of a sneaky approach.

oops i better go get you know who ready for school, its like ten after.

Latah folks.


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