Monday, March 08, 2004

Ahhh, monday morning, how sweet it is. This is what I would like to do today.

Climb back into bed with four or five soft oatmeal cookies and a cup of tea and read Davinci code till about 11 am.

Get up, have a long, hot, UNINTERRUPTED shower.

Meet a friend for lunch at East Side Marios.

Mosey around the Bay and get myself a two piece velour tracksuit that everyone seems to be wearing.

Come home, put my tracksuit on, lie on the couch and read Davinci code.

Order dinner from Amy's wok.

Call whoever has my kids and get them sent back home.

Well, that was fun! I almost believed it! Then Monty called from the bathroom 'help me wipe my BUM!'
So back to reality folks. This would be a good reality show. Forget the bachlorette, with all the dinners out and spa treatments together. How about, "So you wanna get married and have kids?" then they send the guy she loves away all day and leave her with three kids and a messy house. Be fun to see how her french manicure and gorgeous bonded smile stand up to THAT!

Okay gotta run so no drivey to schooly.


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