Friday, March 05, 2004

I just drank a whole cup of tea with no sugar. I know, so what, but it is what to me. I am a sugarola. I have sugar probs. It is just never too sweet for me. So I am trying really really hard not to have so much. Because that last five pounds of babyweight ain't checked out off my arse yet.

I use a lot of slang when I am in withdrawal.

This is the time of the morning when I think I have lots of time and I don't. I have to get Sam off to school by 830, yet between 8 and 830 I always think time stretches out, two minutes seems really long to me, enough time to make a lunch, make him brush his teeth, sign his agenda, pick out his clothes (or he will wear his gi pants with a pajama top, or whatever is closest to him), find his missing boot or glove or hat, kiss him and push him out the door.
He misses the bus at least once a week. Which is really fun, because I am in my pajamas, monty is usually naked, and lucy is still sleeping. And I have to get all these people into the car.
Then we are in the car and I am like, well we are out now, where else can we go?
Which usually means St Vinnys or Amity to find stuff for ebay, or a friend's house (it must be a good friend who can handle a small group of frighteningly unkempt people descending upon them at nine am) for tea. With SUGAR.


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