Monday, March 08, 2004

Sammy just informed me that it is already MARCH BREAK next week. Yowsers, did that sneak up on me! I hope we can do some fun things, get outta here and see something different. Of course I said that last year too, and the only thing we did, or tried to do, was go to Dundurn Castle with Joanne, Seth and Lucas.
It was a bit of the ole el fiasco. We got there and pushed the strollers through the mud, went to pay for our tickets only to be told that there were no strollers allowed in the castle. Nice.

So we thought we would make the best of it and go for a nice lunch in the Coach House restaurant they have there. We were getting the kids all situated when the teenybopper waitress snottily tells us to get the strollers out of the aisle. We moved them to the wall and she said, "Yeah, they are still sort of in the WAY so maybe you could leave them, like, OUTSIDE?"

So Joanne, (who can kick some ass when it needs to be done, good for her) says, "Okay, that's it. Get the manager for us, please." The waitress went scurrying away (probably had to go check that her low rise jeans hadn't fallen off her skinny bum) and the manager came. Joanne rocked. She told him that we made a huge effort to get out with the kids because Dundurn Castle was listed as 'a place to go' on the MARCH BREAK city of Hamilton flyer. And that we did not feel welcomed at all. So what could he do for us??!

He was saucy at first but she kept at him, being totally diplomatic yet utterly firm. And he was on our side in no time. He had someone bring the elevator down to get us and let the kids go upstairs where they had activities and stuff. He even told the cashier chick ( a snob in training) not to charge us anything!

Cool eh? I mean, it wasn't all we had come for but it was something. And it taught me a good lesson. Namely, don't wimp out if it's not your fault. I probably would have slipped away after the first 'we dont allow strollers here'. But not my coco chanel jojo silver. She's a classy lady who don't let the Man get her down.

So that is my March Break story. I am off to take Sam to the orthodontist, as the teeth that are right beside his (huge) front teeth arent coming down or something. Then to karate, because he goes for his yellow belt on Thursday and hasn't a clue what his kata is supposed to be.



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