Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Yowsers. Busy day today, I am starting a class (where I am the instructor/leader!) tonight on humour and joyful living. Of course I have known about it for MONTHS but I am scrambling around like an idiot putting it together in the last four hours. My 8 month old is teething and very annoyed that mommy has other priorities, and I don't even know where my three year old is, probably downstairs smearing his Wendy's burger on the living room carpet.
I love how I get him Wendy's and he eats three fries and the pop, then its all about the TOY. He carries the burger around for a couple of hours just to humor me. Ah well, this group should be easier than other things I have done, at least I don't have to memorize anything.
We had book group today, me and the gals. It was good, we went around the room and told each person good things about them. It wasn't a dorky-women-oozing-phoney-compliments-at-each-other-just-so-they-can-get-some-in-return kind of thing. It was fun. Matter of fact I can hardly remember what was said about me. Well, thats not true at all. Sandy said I was good at accepting my life and dealing with things as they were. Very cool. Chrissy said I was perceptive about people. Frig, Chrissy's hair looked really good today. She got all layers and highlights. I loved it. I have been meaning to get highlights but I am terrified about keeping them up. Its so expensive and I know myself, it just won't get done and then after a few months I will just look like a dirtbag.
So that is it for today, I GOTTA get back to my stuff.


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