Saturday, March 06, 2004

Arg its too early.
I thought I read somewhere that kids need like 12 hours sleep to function. How come mine need like, 7? Of course by one pm Sam will be tragically tired, whining about everything, following me around telling me how BORING it all is. Monty has no problem keeping himself awake and chipper, he just drags the stool over to the counter, climbs up and finds himself something sweet, whether it be leftover Halloween candy or a square of semi sweet Baker's chocolate.

I hate when people ask, how was your weekend? And I can't think of one thing I did.

I did get my hair cut yesterday, I think I was inspired by Chrissy. I got it all chopped off, it is super short at the back and sides and a bit longer on the top so I can push it around. I love it. It's a little punky. It's a little sheena easton-sharon stone-y. Actually it looks like my three year old kids haircut. But with more styling products in it.

Listed some stuff last night on ebay. All the little girl dresses that I put up are doing so well! At most I paid three bucks Canadian for them and some of them are over $10 US. Cool. Jay can't believe how I am sticking with the ebay thing. I usually go great guns on things and then drop them after a few weeks. But its FUN. And I looove to skulk around the thrift stores, flicking hangers to find the best stuff, checking labels, turning things over, finding tags. I found a Tenderheart Care Bear yesterday, c. 1983. We'll see how it does. My Rainbow Brite comforter is up to $12.50, a little disappointing but there is still two days left in the auction.

Mommy better go now, I hear the kitchen tap running. And it ain't a good fairy doing my dishes for me.



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