Wednesday, March 03, 2004

My group went well. I remembered much things and it flowed pretty smoothly. There is however, one ANNOYING lady in the group. She is a bitter person who informed me that 'it is easy for SOME people to be JOYOUS and LAUGH all the time because THOSE PEOPLE don't take responsibilities!' Whatever, woman.
She said she DOES not GET this nonsense of people hurting themselves and falling down being funny. That was after I showed a film clip of Donald O'Connor doing "make em laugh" in Singin' in the Rain. Like, I put the friggin clip in there for the old folks who might be feeling like I am some annoying young brat trying to tell them to stay on the sunny side of life. I thought it would be appreciated. But I was wrong. Well, wrong with her, anyways. She is one of those people whose mood pervades the whole group.
You know? One of those people who everyone tiptoes around, who everyone laughs too loudly at her jokes to humour her bad humour. I went to high school with a chick like this. She was SO popular and I to this day havent a clue why. She wore a knot in her face constantly. People would dance circles around her, bringing her barbecue ringolos and penny candy from Cloverdale, and she would just look at them like they disgusted her.
I have no desire to turn this lady around. I would have, had this been five years ago. But now I just don't have the energy. What on earth would someone like that take a HUMOUR seminar for? I know. To prove to the world that LIFE IS NOT FUNNY.
She even told me in an indirect way that I was annoying. Ain't life grand?


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