Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Hey there,

Just a quickie while I am burning a CD for tonight's thingy at the OAK RUN bakery. Apparently about half of the audience will be ESL'ers, so it should be interesting to see if humor crosses language barriers. We are going to try something new, have the audience conduct music with chopsticks. Sounds weird but some study done showed that professional musical conductors live long, healthy lives, so we thought we would have them try this for a fun thing to do. I picked 'Rodeo Hoedown' by Aaron Copeland. It is pretty uplifting and kinda the only music I could find quickly so that's that.

Didn't quite finish 'The Romantic' (sorry Jojo) but I get the gist of it. And there is always the car ride from ANcaster to Dundas, its about ten minutes, I could squeeze in 20 pages if I had to. I blame it on that damn Davinci Code. I was powerless against it.

Sammy got his yellow belt! Yay! He did pretty good, although I didnt get to see him do his kata as I was on Monty watch in the hall. But Jay did. It was cute watching them stand there and get their certificates and then the sensei put their belts around their little tummies.

I got 'Monsoon Wedding' (Mira Nair) at the Amity today, vhs tape, for 2 bucks. I saw it when it came out with Oma and loved it. Can't wait to watch it again. I also got a couple for ebe, the 1985 video event tape for 'We Are The World', (which, of course, I will have to watch and enjoy the trip down memory lane first) and 'The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe' movie. Not sure if that one is worth anything, as it is the narrated version and not the BBC one, but if it isn't then for a buck I got a great video for the kidlets.

Okay well now I am just stalling, putting off going over my little bit of stand-up I am supposed to do tonight. I better get in the bathroom in front of the mirror while the gettin is good, aka, Monty is sleeping (!) and so is Luce and Sam is reading (!).

Later then.



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