Friday, March 12, 2004

I am listening to Pavlo on CBC.
Mediterranean music fills my messy room.
It helps.

That was a little poem called "Getting by" by Amy Sloan-Forderer. Nah. Just kidding, my poems are much longer than that. That was almost haiku. It is damn cold though. And it ain't right. I want springeroo. Lightweight jackets and warm car windows and sun coming in my kitchen window and reflecting off the dishes in my sink. And kids PLAYING OUTSIDE. Please.

Saw "The Passion of the Christ" last night. Man. What a movie. It was good though. Good like the Pianist or Schindler's List were good. Compelling and heartbreaking. Hard to watch, but it sure kept my interest. The only thing was, I wish there would have been more background info. I mean, I grew up Catholic so most of it was familiar, but still, it would have been more complete had they explained more about why they did this to Him. Why Pilate couldn't stop it, even though he seemed as if he wanted to. And why did so many seem to hate Jesus so. But it was still a very well done movie. The guy who played Jesus was great, as was the actress who played his mother. Whew. What a movie.

Arg. Bloggus Interruptus. Kids, eh?
More later.


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