Monday, March 15, 2004

Oh there are not enough HOURS in the day for all me activities.

It is eleven thirty one and I still have about two hundred pages of the Romantic to read for Wed night book group. I havent even personally read the first hundred pages! I just got Tracy to tell me what has happened up till then and I am going to open the book and start there. Geez you would think I was some high profile thang, getting someone to do my reading for me! Hah! Really though I just put things off, and I have lots going on, including my Joy group wed night, tomorrow night we are going to Cufu at the Staircase Cafe Theatre, very much looking forward to this!

Umm what else. Well there is always good ole ebay, FYI, the gameboy went for 65, not badatall. Little disappointed in the video card plus games went for 127 which is a fraction, a fraction of what everything cost new. But I am not bitter. Well, I am trying really hard not to be bitter and that is just as good. But the mailing and putting up thingys for auctione and answering emails about shipping Caillou dolls to France and hunting down all these things in the first place takes much tempus.

And of course the three children that I am responsible for. And I have two gigs coming up with my ma, so gotta keep the stand up comedy chops up. And this big sidesplit of a house that we all live in which has not seen a good cleaning since the cleaning ladies came back in December. (this was a gift, by the way, I am not that high falutin'.) And helping Sammy practice his 8 Hon Power Kata to get his yellow belt.

And many many other things, which I am sure everyone reading this has their own beloved list of. Well, good luck to all of us, eh? Better go read, now. And I love how among all this nonsense I manage to find time to BLOGGGGGG.



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