Sunday, March 21, 2004

Just watching Ethan Hawke on 'Inside the Actors Studio', feeling sad that him and Uma broke up. She was probably just too much woman for him, with her awesome stature and Buddhist wisdom.

AND I finished DaVinci Code today. Whew!!!!! What a crackerjack novel. Fantastic theories about the Holy Grail and the Early Church and conspiracies and corruptions. I want to read the precursor to it, Angels and Demons, which my cousin Tracy is reading and will generously lend me as soon as she is done. Now I have to finish The Romantic (Barbara Gowdy) for book group on Tues. I also have a gig on tues that I have to prepare for, so there might be a fight. A fight within I mean, where I wrestle with time and priorities. Happens all the time.

Other than that I have my Groupe de Joie Wed, which'll be a breeze as i was semi prepared for it last week and didnt go, so I already have half the material for it.

Monty is asleep on the couch, he passed out during Spiderman. Sooo cute. He looks like butter wouldnt melt in his pouty little mouth when he sleeps. He is all eyelashes and lips. They just have your heart in a VICE when they are like that, don't they?

Last day before March Break ends. Sammy has his yellow belt test tomorrow. He gets annoyed with me when I tell him to practice his kata. What a kid. Then he will be mad at me if he doesnt do well. Ye can't win. We watched our Michael Jackson DVD today. Man, MJ was great before he got too weird for words, eh? I remember thinking he was smiling specifically AT ME from the poster on my wall. Like he could see me, and in his sparkly brown eyes was a promise that someday he and I would be married. Good thing THAT never happened! Yikes! I also (when younger) had a gorgeous poster of Erik Estrada from CHiPs, with him in his tan shirt with a CB radio thingy in his hand, and what a smile he had too. Ahh the romantic vibes that flew around that room in the early 80's! Don't get me started. There is no crush more relentless than that of a preteen.

Well, it is almost six and time to think about dinner (aka what are we getting on the pizza). After that is some much needed grooming for my son, involving bath and Q tips in the ears and nail clippers.

Jay was saying that he and I should join a gym and work out together. I am processing it. Will we go? I hate working out per se. I don't mind taking classes where someone is yelling at me to move my big butt. I do mind endless repetitions with 10 pound weights and the boredom of stretching on a mat with no agenda. But it might be alright if we are together. It might be kinda 'mantic' (as my little Kennis put it oh so many years ago). Hmm.

Talk to you later.


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