Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Mon Dieu, it is still snowing.

Which might actually work out well for me. My book group this morning is cancelled. My book group tonight is cancelled. I am thinking my Joy group will also be cancelled, which means a lot less scrambling around for me today, a little more just hanging out avec mes enfants. This is good, as it has been a busy coupla weeks around here.

Cufu was awesome last night. It is a one man show where the one man describes, impersonates, and reenacts growing up as an Italian immigrant in the North End of Hamilton in the fifties and sixties. And it is more than that. Charly Chiarelli was brilliant, with his ten harmonicas and his bellowing italian tirades and his endearing reminiscing which, though sometimes sad, was absolutely polluted with humour. Jay laughed his head off, there is something so great about seeing someone you love just laugh like crazy. You feel joy on their behalf. My brother Charlie howled too, I could feel his shoulders shaking beside me. I always love when my brother laughs because he looks like he did when he was a kid, red faced, and almost about to have an asthma attack.

We got to meet Charly Ch. after the show and tell him how good he was. It was nice to go to such an intimate little venue. They actually waited for us to come before starting the show, as Chas and Roz told them we were coming. And the gracious guy working there said, "You don't have to rush in, take a minute, take off your coat, relax". It is so remarkable to be treated like a guest when going out these days. To all those who blare on about Hamilton not having any culture, I say NOT TRUE.

Hmm. It is really snowing out there. I think i may have to go pick up Sammy at Joannes via sled. Wish I had a big ole St Bernard that could pull me and the kids. THAT would be cool.

I gotta go call Knox church and see if I am on tonight or no.



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