Friday, March 19, 2004

So its Friday eh.

Friday is cool. I would like to get this house somewhat clean before the weekend. My friend Colleen is coming over this morn. It should be fun for her, she gets to watch me clean. And package up the ebay. I have had a little ebitterness this week. One baby gap dress i sold (pd $1, went for $14) had a HOLE in it when I looked at it before packing. So. I had to refund the chicks money in full. But I still pay the ebay fees plus the final value fee plus paypal fees. Ah well.

Then upon inspection of another little dress that sold well, I see somehow it has gotten a STAIN on the front. I tried everything to no avail. It has a smocked front so I am up last night embroidering some tiny blue leaves over the stain! It looks pretty good. Then I see that it is missing a BUTTON. I am like, why God why and searching my house for a teeeny tiny button at 1145pm.

It ain't over. When I take another little Sucre D'orge dress out of the washer, I see that lo and behold, the bleach i used to try to get the stain out of the other dress has gotten on to the back of this one and now there are two white splotches among the lovely orange madras print. Argh.

So now I have to email THAT buyer and tell her about the stain and offer her a refund. I tell ya, for every good experience on this green earth we pay dearly. Well, that is a bit exaggerated. But they say that it takes 30 good experiences to wipe out the feelings of one bad one. So bring on the good, I say.

I have all this to whinge about and yet I know damn well that overall it is a pretty dolce vita. I mean, nobody around here is hungry, cold, or suffering too badly. Sometimes I have to catch myself when I go on about my suburban woes. Life. Could. Be. Worse. Really.

Ciao. Looking forward to a typical eventful weekend. With three kids, it is NEVER dull around here.


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