Thursday, March 11, 2004

Well, last night went just fine. Because Dragonia wasn't there! A fellow told me right off the bat that she had a meeting to go to. Whoopee! It was a good night, the group is chattier than the first night which is great. I think I am going to learn lots, too, because I have never run a group for six weeks before, it's always a one time deal.

Just got back from Wendy's with the kids. They broke me down. For those of you who don't know, the toy this week is AGENT CODY BANKS 2. So put that in your storage place for useless information. Sammy is not at school because he has his wicked cough. I can't do that to the teacher. How could someone teach class with a kid barking like a lovesick seal all day?

Gotta clean up around here this aft. It's really disgusting. Boy, my post is just chock full of excitement today, huh? Really, though, I hate to have a disgrace for a house on the weekend. When I was a kid, my dad used to call my bedroom 'the height of piggery'. Man, we used to laugh at that one. He also thought the expression "Nice Head" (which we used all the time) was ridiculous, so he would be driving us to school or Drum Corps or whatever, and he would roll down the window, get someone's attention who was walking by, and yell, "NICE HEAD!" just to show us how dumb it sounded. How embarrassing!

Okay, well, notalotta time for bloggy right now for the mama. maybe more later.

G'day mates.


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