Sunday, March 14, 2004

What a cool day. Forget the weather, I am tired of complaining about that and what is the POINT. It was just a real good Sunday. I got to sing at churchola, which is fun even though half the time I think I am out of key, because I don't even know what being out of key means, that is how musically challenged I am. They are way too nice to tell me if I am doing bad, so I just belt it out as best I can and sometimes I just mouth the words when I am unsure. So it is fun.

Then we went home and the kids were still at my ma and pa's so we watched "Runaway Jury" with the King Gene Hackman and the always awesome John Cusak. I love him. I have loved him since he held up the radio to "In Your Eyes" in Say Anything with Ione Skye, with his long trenchcoat on, looking up at her window.

Anyway, it was a decent movie, made even more decent by the fact that it was early Sunday afternoon and we were just SITTING on the couch watching a movie, without ninety nine distractions. (That's a nice way to refer to the kids, Amy, as distractions!) Then I had a weird little nap on the couch. I say weird because Jay was watching some program about mooses. (Mooses? Moose? What on earth is the plural to that?) So I am half asleep listening to these moose facts and incorporating it into my dreams and it was really weird.

My dad brought the kids back. (Man, don't the kids look sweet to ya when they have been away for 24 hours?) And I went to Fortinos the Monolith grocery store with Oma and Monty. (I feel the hour by hour thing happening right now and I am powerless to stop it!) Any HOO. Managed to spend 165 bucks at Fortinos even though I just went for bread and milk. (They had the sweetest quilted blankets marked down and I bought a pink and white one.) Then home again home again jiggety jig. We watched "School of Rock" then. What a cute movie. Sam loved it and is practicing his guitar as I write this. Monty just ran around, he is in a Spiderman phase. I made pizza for supper. (Oh the fascinating domestica must just make for earth shattering reading for you folks!) I will stop now.

A good day. A good weekend, actually. Can I just add that we went to Mexicali Rosas on Friday night for Lisa's birthday and it was fun? Okay, now I am done. I will spread out the other events of the weekend over the next few days so nobody gets sick and tired of my life. It is march break, so I should have lots of exciting things going on!

I wont even TELL you that I am off to go clean the kitchen. Oops. Sorry.

Night night!


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