Monday, March 22, 2004

Decent morning.

Went to Sandy's with the kids and drank tea and ate lots and the kids were good so we could yammer on without anyone getting seriously injured. Kim came too. It is great to hang out with friends you have known forever. I mean, S and I have been friends since GRADE 3 (that would be 1978 when she came as the new kid halfway through the year, a skinny little thing wearing old NHL sneakers) and Kim was first friends with San in high school but joined Drum Corps so I have known her since we were like, 15.

We were gabbin about old Drum Corps people and who is doing what, remembering things about people that we had forgotten. Poor Sandy always complains that nobody remembers her. She will see someone from a long time ago and won't say hello to them because she is afraid they will, go, "Ummm, I don't think I know you". She says everyone always remembers us Sloans. I guess its because we were four kids very close in age from the same family, three of whom had red hair. Kind of hard to forget.

I hate that for Sandy though, because she is so memorable to me, so much a part of growing up, I can't imagine someone not remembering her. And she was always tall and good looking and had great clothes. I mean, what's to forget?

Speaking of old friends, I also have to write that I miss Cari. It struck me today in the shower. (I usually do my deep thinking in the shower because it is the only place I get peace, for the most part of course, until Monty whips back the curtain and holds a piece of toast up to the water and laughs his head off) She has moved away. To Phoenix Arizona. Gone. It has been a month now and it is just kicking in. I think I was under the impression that it would not really happen, so much so that even when it did, it didn't. You know? I won't have her sitting on the floor of my kitchen talking. Or having a glass of wine with me on a Friday night while she tidies up my dining room. Or to talk to through the sometimes horribly desperate hour before dinner, before Jay gets home. Well, I guess I could still talk to her, but man, it aint the same.

Well, I can hope that they don't stay down there too long. But for now, I miss you, Cari Louise Chastity Save the Whales Stewart.

Okay gotta go.

Oh! And Jen started a blog! whoopee! she is at
I think, I will go check that to be sure.-


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