Tuesday, February 15, 2005

On the menu...........

How is a person supposed to come up with SEVEN different dinners every week? I am standing in front of the fridge a few minutes ago and there is NOTHING. Frozen French Fries and Frozen peas. And a lot of unidentifiable leftover type things that are just takin' up space in mah freezer.

There is a package of little tart crusts in there, because last week I had this butter tart problem. I didn't end up making them, though. Just buying the crusts seemed to help.

I think I ate too much today. Let's see...
Morning. 2 cups tea w milk and sugar
1 piece Sunmaid cinnamon raisin bread with marg.
Little bit of yogurt that Luce didnt finish.

Later Morning.
Ummm, One and a half bacon and tomato sandwiches on toast with marg on one side and mayo on the other. Those were really really good. Every bite was like a month of therapy.

Veggies and dip at Joanne's place, and two more cups of tea with sugar.

I package Maltesers chocolates. LOOOVE Maltesers.

Is this too much food? I think maybe one bacon and tomato sammy and maybe not the whole package of Maltesers would have been better. But what's done is done, eh?

This is why I can't get excited about dinner I think. I am sorta full.
I should go for a walk tonight. Or do a yoga tape. But I won't. I only do those things by surprise. I never do them once I mention that I will do them. It's like an automatic that will never happen now.

I had parent observation day at Monty's kindergarten class this afternoon. It was cute. I forget how bloody cute four and five year old kids are in a group. I love how none of them stands up straight or still, ever. They are always bending and swaying or balancing on one leg. I love how you catch a little girls eye and she holds up a band-aided finger for you to see.
Mrs Radan said Monty's doin' great. He listens and plays well with the other kids. Yayy!

There was a little table where four kids including Monty had to make a Clifford dog out of red and black plasticene. Not an easy thing to do. I kinda helped Monty as he was basically making a long cigar shaped piece and saying, "MY dog is only a TAIL". One other little girl was struggling to make a dog shape, then she gave up, made a round red plasticene circle and put black pieces on it. "THIS." She said, "is a Clifford Cookie."

I was like, you go girl.



At 6:44 PM, Blogger Jason Silver said...

Oh Amy, you're great.

At 2:40 PM, Blogger Tania said...

MY dog is only a TAIL?? I laughed so hard actually I am still laughing....so cute, I keep repeating it and it just keeps getting better....


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