Sunday, February 06, 2005

Here's a song. Sung to where have all the flowers gone.

Where have all my comments gone?
Long time passing,
Changed my template, and they're go-one.
Short time ago.

Where have all my people gone?
Gone to comment somewhere else.
When will I ever learn?
When will I e-ever learn?

It's what happens when yer me,
Try to things differently,
When you know next to nothing,
It ends up miserab-leeee.

Thought I would change my blog look to something a little more refreshing, inspired by my can of lime diet coke beside the keyboard, it is just the prettiest dc can ever. But you know, I hit 'publish' and then duck and run. Because why would it work out? I totally don't deserve it to work out. I can't believe I have gotten this far without some sort of computer monitoring society shutting me down.

Ah well, let's hope the comms are not gone with the wind. I love my comments! Wahhhh!



At 10:42 PM, Blogger ducklet said...

oh no, did you lose your comments? that really does blow mightily. if they are gone, you should definitely use the opportunity to switch to haloscan.

At 10:48 PM, Blogger Amy said...

How do I know if I am using Haloscan now or not? I really am a computer retard, I know.

At 9:43 AM, Blogger Jason Silver said...

Sorry I haven't been commenting. You have to allow anonymous comments to let non-blogspot users to comment. (Like me)

You used to use HaloScan, and Austin helped you set it up.

Also, I can give you some of my type A, if we can figure a way to get it out.


At 11:11 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Amy yeah you always used haloscan before which is a good one because anyone can leave a comment...i think you have to go to your set-up disable these comments and then go to haloscan and download it again...i think the website is good cause it walks you through it....then your comments will be ...back back on the screen.(to be sung to eye of the tiger...ha ha

At 11:15 AM, Blogger Spurious Plum said...

Anything you can do inspired by Diet Coke is goooood.

At 2:54 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love the lime diet coke can too!


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