Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Sam's Godzilla Speech Day

And boy, am I nervous. I was up at seven to check that the cue cards we made hadn't been stolen by cue-card-theives in the night. Gotta love that kid. He printed out his cue cards on the computer and on the back of each one he had, in huge bold letters:


If you don't have kids, you might not know this but sometimes the little things they do are so utterly sweet and funny that you could just take your heart out and pickle it and put a label on the jar that says, "ONE HEART: BURSTING WITH LOVE."

Now it is Wednesday and next week is the Valentines show at church with the singing and dancing and 80's costumes. And then Saturday is the Humor Conference at which I am doing a set of brand new material that I have somehow pulled out of me arse in the past few weeks. Just have to go over it about six hundred times and it will be perfect. Except that six hun will probably be more like, um, six, which means I shall be calling in some supernatural favours to help me remember fifteen minutes of jokeroos. They are not even jokes, eh. Just funny 'bits' from my everyday shenanigans that I hope other people find funny too. In the end, (ugh, I almost wrote, 'at the end of the day' which is my least favourite trendy and OVERUSED expression right now, it is right up there with 'where the rubber meets the road'.) IN THE END, it is all about being there and delivering the funny and connecting with people.

Jay turned 35 on Monday. I remembered as he was leaving at the usual 7 am and said, "Hey, Happy Birthday, eh?"

He looked at me with this blank expression. "Huh?"

Then a little light came on and he said, "Oh, yeah. What am I, thirty five?"

This is one of the reasons why I love that guy. You know your'e not too self absorbed when you routinely forget your own birthday. What a weiner.

Alright, well, I better go as Joanne is coming by with the cradle for the new baby that my sister should be having any minute now and my house is unfit for the human eye.



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