Sunday, February 20, 2005

A Ladies Night, A Baby Shower, Tree Fighting, and more.

Busy weekend! Friday I went to a ladies wine and cheese at Lisa's friend Kelly's house in Waterdown. Had a ton of laughs, sitting around her dining room table with the wine and the cheese and the fancy sandwiches. Then we went downstairs and had a little dance pad competition. The dance pads are ON MY BIRTHDAY list, if I can last that long without them. What a hoot. We were very bad at it, except for Kelly, and our hip hop moves were more like spasms but it was fun!

Sat was baby shower for my friend Mary (having a little my friend Mandy flashback here) and her little preemie Sophie. It's always good to go to Sandy's, and always good to see the Furlong girls. I can't wait to meet this little Sophie! She is doing so well (born at 29 weeks gestation) they might be sending her home within two weeks.

Last night Jay and I watched HERO with Jet Li (sp?). It was good, very Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, with the flying over the tops of trees and red kimonos and flower petals all over the place. I kinda fell asleep halfway through for about fifteen minutes and had some chinese style dreams of my own, with me in a temple waiting for a sword to be made in my honour. Weird.

Today was more mellow, I took Monty with me to church as Lady Luck is still recovering from her bad cold and badder ear infection. It was a good service, the nicest part was that from where I sat I couldn't see the words to the songs up on the screen. And this was nice because instead of the screen, Shermeen Chan was in my line of vision playing her violin. It is such a nice thing on a Sunday morning to watch someone play the violin, especially someone who looks like a china doll, with her eyes closed, playing this instrument with these light wavering fingers. It is one of those moments that I will file away and go back to when I need a little beauty and meditation.

Jay took Sam and Monty to see the Son of the Mask late this afternoon, so Looch and I hung out. She is doing amazing things lately, like kissing me and hugging me on command and saying "Shoo shoo" and taking all her antibiotics like a good girl.

And now it is eight o clock. EEp! Pile of clothes on my bed to be put away. Anyone up for the job?



At 11:51 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wine, cheese AND a dance pad? Girl - that's right up there with the deluxe car wash with the soft cloth, wax job, under coat, rust, whatever - never had it so don't know the lingo!
You go girl!

At 12:35 PM, Blogger Mrs.Strizzay said...

I love the name Sophie.

They have those dancepads at the arcades in the mall and the same sweaty skinny geeky kids are ALWAYS in there dancing away. And I sit and watch them for hours. ha

At 8:09 PM, Blogger GB said...

You should send Shirmeen the link to your blog. She would like to read this I'm sure.

The look on someone's face when they are doing music for God has a way of drawing someone into his presence. That's one of the biggest compliments a worship team member could be given.

At 7:56 AM, Blogger Peter Hentges said...

Just letting you know that you got the spelling of Jet Li correct. Loved Hero; very beautiful film.


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