Wednesday, December 22, 2004


(A pictorial bit of nonsense starring my three children)

"Okay, we are going to take a NICE picture guys. Sam make sure Lucy doesn't fall off the chair. Monty, stop picking your nose and eating it. REady?"

"Monty don't bite the chair, honey. Sam pull Lucy's fingers out of her mouth just for the picture, okay? Very nice! Here we go!"

"Try to keep her in the chair, Sammy. This won't take long."
"But mommy! She is trying to esCAPE! Ha! Don't let the camera get you, Lucy!"

"Guys, it's not that funny. C'mon. I just want a nice picture for the Christmas card. You guys look so great. Say cheese!"

"What the- Monty! Where are you going? Get back here. I am trying to take your picture. Sam, hold her up higher. Wait, her dress is riding up. Lemme fix it. There. Monty! Come down here!"
(Monty comes crashing down the stairs dragging the rocking horse.)
"Here I am! I got this horsey!"
"Great, honey. Now get in the picture, please."

"Monty, could you close your mouth and do a nice smile? You can sing later. Nice smiles everybody!"

"Where did Lucy go? Lucy, come back, honey! Sam, grab her. Monty stay there. We are almost done. Okay. Smile!"

"I don't WANT any picture! I don't want to smile!"
"Lucy, lady, okay, well, let's just take your picture from over here. Guys look at Lucy! Smile!"

Hmmm. I don't think you guys show up on that one. Let's- Hey, where are you going? Oh the window. Oh okay we can try the window."

"I have to go to the bathroom!"
"Then go, Sam."
"I need help with my new PANTS! The button is so STUPID!"
"Okay, here. Lucy? Where did she go?"
"She's lying under the tree."
"Oh. Well."
"Yes Monty?"
"Can you take my picture now?"
"Sure buddy."
"But I am not smiling anyways."
"Okay bud."

The END.


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