Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Sorry I got cut off yesterday and only wrote a wee bit. Just got back from Costco, ostensibly to get milk and sugar and something for dinner, but somehow a pair of jeans got slipped in there, plus an inkjet cartridge refill kit.

Like I said yesterday, I am enjoying my week very much. Today I am decluttering and cleaning my bedroom, and getting the computer out of here. I keep reading about how the bedroom has to be a sanctuary, and trust me, this place aint no sanctuary. It is more like a storage depot for orphan items, an ebay office, a baby nursery, a playroom, among many other things. Every available surface is covered with crap. The feng shui in here must be bloody toxic. How relaxing can it be to come in here and see my house tax bill stuck to the wall with a thumbtack? Why do I still have a branch from Palm Sunday four years ago sticking out of a picture frame on the wall? And a plasic bin with books spilling out of it behind my bedroom door? I need that show where they get all the junk out to come here and kick some arse.

Jay and I saw The Village on Monday night. Very much enjoyed it. Fantastic acting from Ron Howard's luminous looking daughter, Bryce Howard. Neat story with great twists from M. Night Shyamalan. Wicked shots of simple things that carried so much weight! Like a rocking chair on a porch, with mist curling around the edges of the frame. Really a well done movie. I didn't want to miss thirty seconds of it.

I have to say though, that I usually enjoy the movies I go to. There is the element of 'being out of the house' that tints everything with a happy brush when I go see a film. Must be where I am right now. There have been a few that I wish I had waited for video, if I cared to see them at all, like, um Reindeer Games comes to mind. But for the most part when Amy goes to the movies, she has a good time as a default, because she's there.

Anyhoo. I better go as Lady Luck herself is sleeping and I want to get started on Monty's room of horrors. Boys rooms are great. They have this distinct smell, and it is not a terrible smell. It is just a boy smell. Sort of a salty smell, with a tiny hint of wet dog and earth. And, well, a teensy smell of pee, if you are Monty and leave your underwear all over the place.
Okay on that lovely note I sign off. G'dauy.


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