Friday, August 06, 2004

Last Three Comics Standing.....

Well, two outta three ain't bad. Gary Gulman and John Heffron are in, Tammy Pescatelli (who totally deserved to stay) is gone and Alonzo Bodden is in.

Damn. I thought there'd be one gal standing for the final three.

Tuesday Aug 10 is the finale, I kinda wish they would have dragged this out a little. What keeps me floatin' though is that they are going to do a new one in the fall instead of waiting until next summer. Cool, eh? I think this is one of the better reality shows out there. Well, actually I think nine out of ten reality shows are absolute crap, but this one rocks. I wish I could try out for it. I would probably bomb but it would be fun to give it a go.

My vaycayshun is over. Boys came back tonight. My parents looked like they needed about three days worth of sleep. My mom said she hadn't even bothered to put on make up for about four days. I felt kinda bad for them, but of course not bad enough that if they offered next year to take the kids for a few days I would totally go for it again. Hey, you gotta know your own limits eh? Bless em though. Sam and Monty can't stop talking about Grampa's house and all the fun stuff they did. And I swear they both got a little taller, and of course they looked really cute to me.

Lucy was thrilled to see them both. I think she thought they were gone for good, since their rooms were so clean. My tidy fly-lady house is a bomb again. I don't feel like picking up the pieces tonight.

Tomorrow we are going to a barbecue at my brothers for my dad's 60th birthday. Looking forward to it. And Sunday we had planned (forever ago, back in June I made this plan, and it felt like August 8th was soooo far away and whoops there it is!) to go to Westfield Heritage Village avec les enfants. So that should be good, too.

Alright well now you know all the news fit to print and I have some Johnathan K. to read.


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