Friday, May 14, 2004


Here are ten conclusions I have come up with in the light of seeing Mean Girls, starring Lindsey Lohan.

1. Make up, clothes and hair are still a lot of fun in a movie
2. The freaky artsy friend will never die.
3. The perfect girls will always be bitches even if they have a five minute realization that they should be nicer.
4. Lindsey Lohan's boobs are distractingly displayed in this movie.
5. Lindsey Lohan can act, in spite of her boobs.
6. There are a few long sections of this movie that could have been left on the cutting room floor.
7. There is some funny writing. "I am NOT stopping this car, Janice. I have a curfew of One Am and it is now One Ten and I am NOT stopping this car." as the guy drives veeeryy slowly past the main character so his passenger can say her piece, hanging out of the sunroof.
8. Teenager movies have not changed at all, except for a little more raunchiness, it is still all about the big dance at the end.
9. Low rise pants have not worn out their stay on the fashion front yet.
10. Movie popcorn tastes really good. Always.

So that's that. It was fun to go and see something kind of silly for a change. And I mean it, Lindsey Lohan will do alright for herself. She is waaayyy less annoying than Hillary Fluff.

I am off , going for a bar b Q (the first of the season!) at the Silverses. Just waiting, of course, for Daddy to get home.

I am so ready for me dishwasher. Lots of work to install it as we bought a built in and all we have is an empty space with no countertop to put it in. So Jay has to build a house for it. I am helping get things going by the way of the Electrasol I bought at SDM last night. It smells really lemony. I can't wait to give it a go.

Okay well who knows what those kids are up to. Later.


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