Thursday, April 22, 2004

Just taking a break from listing stuff. Feel like I have been going non stop today. I don't even feel the muse, so this will be a blahg.

What an intro. Don't cha just want to dive right in eh. It was a fun day, really, as my two sisters came over. What a hoot. We hung in the kitchen, drinking DC and listening to 80's tunes and Siobbhan tried on this Kimono dress I had from the 70's to wear to Kathleen and Dave's stag N doe at the end of May. Looked totally great. Jen was thinking of doing the Cyndi Lauper thing, or else a lame top with gold high boots and a mini thing. I want to wear satin shorts and roller skates. I bet we will be the few who actually dress with the 70's 80's theme. who cares. We'll have a riot. Here are some of my favourite songs from the 80's.

Melt With You
Oh Sherri Journey
Paul Revere Beastie Boys
Wake Me Up before you Go Go Wham
Kharma Kameleon Boy George
Crazy Little Thing Called Love Queen
Life in a Northern Town (anyone remember who did this one?)
Mona With The Children (HA! Not really, I just remember that one with the guy in the red beret and Siobbhan calling a girl in our school whose name was Mona, MonaWithTheChildren)

I am too tired to do this. maybe another day I will do some more. Maybe not.
Anyways, a fun visit. Jen has this amazing chariot stroller thing that she pulls behind her bike, but it is also a stroller with these huge wheels. Totally cool.

Okay Sam is up once again to tell me some story about a kid in his class just so he can scam five more minutes. Time to bring the hammer down.

night all.


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