Friday, June 03, 2005

Portrait of the Stuffs de Friday:

Well, as I didn't participate in this for two weeks due to a missing USB cable, I am all over it this morning. Because Kristine didn't tidy up her desk, neither did I. (And I was totally going to.)

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What a mess. There's bills, junk, letters that need to be mailed, VHS tapes, coins, bank card (from when I paid bills online), credit card (ahem. from when I bought a Spearhead T-shirt online), and who knows what else. Note that this picture didn't include the floor, which is disgusting. Toys, books, papers, the empty bowl and spoon from when I had a before bed snack of Honey Nut Cheerios last night. The only thing missing is a starter for Amish Friendship bread. What a pig am I.

MOVING ON. This is a collection of mine. I love love love baby planters. They harken back to a more innocent time, when you would go into the hospital with your suitcase packed with a bedjacket, and they would keep your baby in the nursery all day instead of screaming it's teeny head off beside you, and people would come visit you and bring a flower arrangement in one of these planters.

I buy them when I am in the thrift stores. None of them cost more than fifty cents. I love them. I did set them up for the picture, mind. They are up on shelves, in different areas of me house. One day I will have a place for them to be together. A few of them arent included because they are full of junk and I don't have time to dump them ALL out on my bed.

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Lastly, unfortunately, sadly, depressingly, devastatingly, we have the kids room. This was CLEAN on Monday. It is Sam and Lucy's room. We have three kids and only two bedrooms for them. So for now Lucy shares with Sam, because you know Monty would be in her crib every night showing her how to climb down the side of it with a rope ladder.

I wish it was nicer in here. I mean, my Lady Luck sleeps in here in all her redheaded glory. But it's a boys room. Sam has a really high bed that we got from Ikea that her crib is underneath. And we got another loft bed from a friend of my mom's, Norma Jean. Props to NJ because she gives us tons of stuff from her two boys. Norma Jean. I loves ya.
So here is Lucy waiting for Sam to wake up and get her out. Taken at 7:15 this morn.

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Here is Sam still sleeping.

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And lest you think the room is not that bad in terms of slovenliness, here is a partial floor shot.

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Blech. It is almost eight o clock so I don't have time to go into how devastating it is that the apples fall right beside the tree in terms of tidiness, or untidiness. The mental anguish it causes me when I see how messy my offspring can be which is directly related to how I am. It cuts me so deep. But that is for another day.

I must go and get Sam off to school, then go to Sandys and pick up her two little ones who I am baby sitting for the morning. Four kids! Alakazzam where are the Wake Up pills.

Have a phantasmagorical Friday!



At 8:06 AM, Blogger Amy said...

I must comment (because I don't have time to edit the whole post) that when I checked this post to make sure the pics turned out, it occurred to me that Lucy looks like an orphan child living under Ceausescu in the dark age of Communist Romania. Time to move her out, I think.

At 5:31 PM, Blogger Annejelynn said...

heh heh - you managed to mention Amish Friendship Bread - I mean, CAKE!- in all that

yousah Q-T!

At 6:33 PM, Blogger Candace said...

What an aDORable little redhead there! Where can I get me one?

I love the baby planters, but I think I love the idea of the newborns in the nursery and mommy in the bedjacket even more!

Wait, you mean you don't normally keep the Amish Friendship bread by your desk? Should I move mine, then?

At 8:33 AM, Anonymous lawbrat said...

I can have the kids clean, me clean their room and ten minutes later it looks like not a thing has been touched. I think its a special kind of magic kids have. They walk into a room and its magically destroyed in 2.2 seconds. BTW, your kids room is not that bad. :-)


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